In July of 1973, back then a rather small shop for gifts and kitchen furniture, Almacenes Aragón, first opened its doors for the world. On an area as big as 167 m2 people could buy little presents, furniture for their kitchen as well as making their wedding wishlists.

The founders are the married couple Juan Ribas Serra and Eulalia Juan Tur, whereby the company at this time was mostly under the leadership of Eulalia.

But the company was growing fast and so Juanito decided to resign from his former job and fully concentrade on the leadership of Almacenes Aragón. With the growth of the company two new employees were hired and bigger salesrooms were necessary.

For that reason the couple bought the 300 m2 property right next to the shop and now had the possibility to expand. A new building was built on the premises and from now on, not only kitchen furniture was sold, but also more furniture for the house. Next to that, the first steps towards furnishing hotels and restaurants have been taken.

As the tourism in Ibiza and Formentera boomed during the eighties, the plans of furnishing hotels turned out pretty succesful.

A lot of new hotels were built during that time and so Almacenes Aragón got the chance of furnishing a majority of them.

This division of the company is nowadays under the leadership of Eulalia´s and Juanito´s son, Juan Ribas Juan, who decided to join the company in 1988.

The history of success continued and  it was only a matter of time until the business expanded more.

A new shop with 1800 m2  in San Antonio was acquired, fully specialized on selling solely furniture for the garden and terrace, such as sunshades and loungers.

This shop, till now, counts as one of the biggest shops of its kind in Ibiza.

Furthermore a warehouse for materials arriving from the mainland emerged in the industrial area of the island.

A few years later another two shops specialized on modern furniture and mattrasses opened their doors in the name of Almacenes Aragón in Ibiza.

In the year 2000 another shop was opened in which the known brand Banak is available, which makes this shop unique in Ibiza.

Nowadays the founders Eulalia and Juanito are retired and left the leadership to their children, Juan and Fina, who are now responsible for the different parts of Almacenes Aragón, which currently has 24 employees in general.

Because of the specialisation of the several shops on particular sections, you will profit from the expertise of our staff, which they acquired over a lot of years.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon in one of our shops.